Spalding Arena View Basketball System Review

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Spalding Arena View Basketball System Review:   9.7/10

Main Features

  • Breakaway rim that is of professional quality
  • Hoop has a 4 foot offset from the support pole providing maximum space under the hoop as seen on indoor regulation hoops
  • Has a one piece 8 inch square steel support system which provides the greatest stability available
  • Comes with a ground tube anchor kit with hinging base plate to simplify assembly
  • Regulation sized 72″ steel framed acrylic or glass backboard with aluminum trim
  • U-Turn Pro lift system allows for easy and custom height adjustments ranging from 7 feet to 10 feet
  • Stadium quality padding included on the support pole and backboard for maximum safety

Wow, if you are crazy serious about the game of basketball and want to own the ultimate recreational basketball system for your home then look no further than the hoop we are reviewing today, the Spalding Arena View Basketball System.  Spalding pulled out all the stops with this premium priced hoop and it is easy to see why this beast will put you back more than two grand.  The Arena View is the top basketball hoop option from Spalding and places itself at the top of the mountain compared to some other basketball systems from Spalding such as The Beast and the 60″ portable basketball system.arena view rim

This hoop comes with many different options. Spalding offers Arena View hoops with either acrylic or tempered glass.  While acrylic will be more durable than tempered glass, we recommend the superior performing tempered glass when investing this much in a hoop as the performance simply cannot be matched.  Stability is a primary focus for the Arena View as it features Z-arms that extend from the support pole to the edges of the backboard which minimize vibrations and work to prevent the backboard from breaking.  The four foot offset between the hoop and the support pole is important to keep players safe as well as recreating the feel of playing in a gym environment.  The padding provided by the Arena View Basketball System is by far the best and most supportive of all the hoops we have reviewed.  The support pole padding extends from the bottom of the unit while high quality padding lines the bottom of the backboard.  If you put a high value on safety then you may want to take a closer look at this hoop as an option for you home.

What We Like About This Hoop

  • The Spalding Arena View Basketball System is one of the few outdoor hoops that can match up in quality to regulation gym systems.
  • We like that you have the choice between a 60″ or 72″ backboard made of either acrylic or tempered glass.  It allows the buyer to pick and choose the features that they value most.
  • Padding on this hoop is awesome and will allow parents to feel good about allowing their little ones play on this system
  • One-piece steel support poles like the one featured on the Arena View are the best option for minimizing vibrations and maximizing performance
  • The rim on this hoop is of high quality and allows for hanging on the rim during dunks and consistent bounces off the rim from three point land

What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • The cost of this hoop will put it outside of the price range of many buyers
  • Installation will require three or four people and significant time due to the sheer size of this basketball system.  For most, this will be more than a one day job.

To summarize, if you are a basketball fanatic or an advanced player looking for optimum performance in a hoop then the high price tag should not scare you away.  You will get your money’s worth with the Arena View Basketball System.  However, if you want a hoop for the kids to play on or for regular recreational games then we suggest looking at hoops like the Silverback SB-60 and the Spalding Beast that are less expensive yet still provide high quality performance.

Nick Daniels

Nick is has been a student of the game of basketball most of his life. He loves writing about all things hoops and basketball gear.