How to Install a Basketball Hoop: 5 Tips

71SlPnoufVL._SY355_So, you have purchased the hoop of your dreams and want to but it to good use as soon as possible.  The only thing standing in your way now is the actual installation of the basketball hoop, and for those of us who are not exactly handy this can be quite the obstacle.  Thankfully there are some fairly simple tips that you can follow to make the installation process as seamless as possible so that you can get to the fun of playing on your hoop.

5. Plan Out Where You Will Put Your Hoop

High End Basketball Hoops Often Can Be Installed Using Anchor Kits

High End Basketball Hoops Often Can Be Installed Using Anchor Kits

Most lower to mid-priced in ground basketball hoops have a support system that is placed directly in the ground.  This means that moving the hoop at a later date is likely not going to be an option.  If you have a higher-priced hoop then it may allow you to utilize anchor system kits that make the hoop more transportable if you ever decide to change the hoop’s location or move.  However, even if your basketball hoop is installed with an anchor kit moving the hoop is still anything but easy.

As you can see planning out exactly where you want to place the basketball system is a critical decision that should be made with care knowing that you will likely have to live with your decision for the life of the hoop.

4. Know When You are in Over Your Head, and Hire Someone Instead

Dads, please listen closely.  We all know that you want to impress the wife and kids with your impeccable lifting abilities and craftsmanship.  But let’s get things straight.  The days of max bench presses and suicide sprints are over which has left you a little softer through the years.  The last thing we want for you is to pull out your back in a futile attempt to be dad of the year.

This is not to say that there are many dads out there that have the tools ready and are equipped to do the job of a basketball hoop install without major issue.  What we are saying is be honest with yourself in regard to whether or not you fit into this category.  If you find the install process overwhelming, all is not lost.  You can actually hire a professional basketball hoop installer directly from Amazon (Check it out).  Each installer has their own pricing so it is important to do your research when selecting someone to install your hoop.  The nice thing is that by hiring someone you get to bypass all the headaches and allow a professional who has the proper equipment and know how to take on the heavy lifting.

3. Call In Reinforcements

If you think that installing a basketball hoop is a one man job then think again.  To have a good experience and for the install to go as planned please get help from at least one if not two individuals.  This can make any lifting tasks easier and will minimize the risk that you will set the hoop crooked or any other mishaps that may occur due to not having enough help.

Also, don’t be cheap, if you have friends help you out some beers and a pizza will go a long way!

2. Read the Directions!

I hate to keep beating up on the dads (and men in general), but please be sure to carefully follow the directions when installing your basketball hoop.  As a part of the man clan, I am guilty of quickly tossing the directions to the side a saying “I can figure this out, just a little trial and error.”  Well, that might work for a remote-controlled helicopter, but for a basketball hoop that weighs hundreds of pounds with many screws and moving parts it just will not end up pretty.  Often you will miss steps in the assembly process that will leave your hoop looking funky and not performing properly.

1. Take Your Time

It is easy to get frustrated when assembling and installing something as big and heavy as a basketball hoop.  Be sure not to let your emotions get the best of you and remain calm during process.  If you find that you screwed up something in the assembly it may be wise to take a break and come back to it so you feel mentally refreshed and ready to tackle the challenge of figuring out what you did wrong.  Just five minutes of introspection will help clear your mind and will often lead to your figuring out the problem.

Nick Daniels

Nick is has been a student of the game of basketball most of his life. He loves writing about all things hoops and basketball gear.