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Hey there all basketball players, dads, moms, and families!  My name is Nick and I operate BestBasketballHoops.org. I love the game of basketball and have been a player all my life, which is what led me to create this site and its parent site BestOutdoorBasketball.net.  When I was young we always had a basketball hoop at our house, and this made practicing my skills convenient and fun!  I know how much having a hoop at our residence helped me to improve and become the player I am today.  My goal for BestBasketballHoops.org is to be a guide for all families so that they can make their dream of having a hoop at their house a reality.

Here’s what I’ve realized about residential basketball hoops.  There are a ton of hoops out there and not a single type will meet the needs of each home owner.  It is important that you understand the pros and cons of each hoop based on type, price, and materials.  This way you can discover the perfect hoop that will meet your needs and budget.

I feel that you need to be a basketball player to understand basketball hoop performance inside and out.  Luckily, I have this experience so I feel very comfortable in offering you my honest opinion on each hoop we review on Best Basketball Hoops.  Be sure to check back anytime you are in need of a new hoop as manufacturers are always coming out with new basketball hoop models.  If you have questions you can use the contact us page.  If not go ahead move on to seeing the Best Basketball Hoops.

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