4 Awesome Basketball Hoop Accessories

You have finally purchased the perfect hoop with help from BestBasketballHoops.  Now it is time to start thinking about accessories that you may need to make playing on your new basketball system even more enjoyable.  To help you accomplish this task we have rounded up four great basketball hoop accessory products that will take your home court to the next level.  Each product solves a specific common problem with home basketball hoops and you should think about your needs when deciding what accessories will be right for your home.

1. Goalrilla Deluxe Basketball Hoop Light

HOOP LIGHTIf you plan on practicing or having games of one on one late into the night then you will want to pick up this Goalrilla Deluxe Basketball Hoop Light.  This awesome light will keep the driveway lit when the stars are out.  It features 1000 watts of illumination using long lasting halogen light bulbs.  The angle of the light will illuminate the court without blinding the eyes of players.  It fits all Goalrilla hoops and other permanent goals that have 5X5 to 6X8 inch poles.


2. SKLZ Shoot Around

sklzThis next entry is perfect for any players who are practicing on their shot during solo practice sessions.  The SKLZ Shoot Around increases your practice session efficiency by automatically returning made shots to the location that you select, thus helping players develop a shooting rhythm that will come in handy during crunch time.  We love that this ball return can swivel 180 degrees without needing to remove the unit from the rim.  The four snap on straps will attach to any standard rim making this an effective tool for almost all basketball hoop systems on the market today.



3. Basketball Hoop Anchor Systems

41cL2rsYQJLIf you have chosen to purchase an in-ground basketball hoop system then a piece of equipment we recommend picking up is a basketball hoop anchor system.  These products allow you to install your in-ground hoop without rusting the support pole by placing it in the ground, while at the same time retaining the stability that makes in-ground hoops desirable.  If you have a Goalrilla or Lifetime Mammoth hoop you can find anchor systems for your basketball hoop here and here.  If not, we would still suggest looking on the web to see if there is a company manufacturing an anchor system for your hoop.

4. Pole Padding

Pole PaddingOur last entry does come standard with several of the portable and in-ground basketball hoops that we have reviewed.  It is important to look at your specific hoop to discover if a pole pad is included with the system.  If not, this purchase could literally be the difference between a bruise and a trip to the emergency room.  When games get heated it is easy to see how a player may hit their head on a support pole while driving to the hoop.  In times like these it is nice to have soft padding to minimize the impact.  Luckily, there are several different pole padding options to choose from depending on the size of the support pole that is included with your hoop.


Nick Daniels

Nick is has been a student of the game of basketball most of his life. He loves writing about all things hoops and basketball gear.