Goalrilla GLR GS I In-Ground Basketball System Review

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Goalrilla GLR GS I In-Ground Basketball Hoop9.1/10

Main Features

  • Includes rebar steel rods to strengthen concrete install
  • The welded arms present a 4’ clearance between the pole and backboard for added safety, and the pole itself mounts to a bolt down anchor system
  • Anchor bolt mounting system allows for easy leveling
  • Fully adjustable hoop settings, the height is easily adjusted with a durable turn crank system to ensure that players of all levels, expertise, and intensity can play a fun yet competitive game at the appropriate level

Advanced basketballers will enjoy the top grade quality provided with the Goalrilla GLR GS I In-Ground Basketball Hoop. This durable system has all the features in order that you would expect from a superior recreational basketball hoop. There are multiple characteristics that assist this hoop in standing out from the other hoop options, and in this post we will explain these features in greater detail.

This Goalrilla system features a massive 72” shatter resistant glass backboard, which is designed to handle play at the highest levels. The entire hoop itself is completely rust resistant due to a DuPont powder coating that will hold up when winds blow and the rains come down.

The Goalrilla GLR GS-I In-Ground Basketball System was designed for those with the purest of strokes and the highest of hops, and because of this it has been set up to be shock resistant so it can handle your patented tomahawk jams.

What We Like About This Hoop

  1. Professional high quality equipment designed for players of all levels and intensity
  2. Easy to use turn crank system for easy to use height adjustments

What Would Make This Hoop Better

  1. Because of the superior quality, you get what you pay for. The price may be steep for any families that are on a tight budget
  2. No backboard padding

This is on our short list for the best recreational hoop on the market. And because of this it is no surprise that this hoop will cost you a pretty penny. It’s recommended that the Goalrilla GLR GS I In-Ground Basketball Hoop be purchased and used by athletes and families who are very serious about sports and the quality of their equipment.

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