Spalding 48 Inch Basketball System Review

spalding 48Spalding has for many years been a leader in the basketball manufacturing industry and that is why many folks have chosen to purchase the Spalding 48 inch Portable Basketball Hoop. Based on the reviews this hoop is not perfect, but for a more affordable hoop it is a solid choice. Here is our opinion on the what we like about this system as well as things that could be improved to make this hoop even better.

The first feature worth mentioning is that the Spalding 48 inch Portable Basketball Hoop can be lowered to 7.5’ and up to the regulation 10′. This is an advantage when you buying for young basketball players. The hoop’s base is big enough to support 37 gallons of water which will keep this system upright. There have been some reviewers who have mentioned that the base is susceptible to leaking and this is a cause for concern. Now you do have the option to avoid this problem by choosing to fill the base with sand rather than water. Also, the polycarbonate material they used on the backboard very thin and will vibrate a fair amount when a shot hits the rim or backboard.

While for most the assembly will be quite simple, the directions at times are vague which may cause you to miss a step or complete a step incorrectly.  Because of this vagueness,  some users resort to trial and error. We recommend you find a friend or family member when putting the Spalding 48 inch Portable Basketball Hoop together to make the process more efficient. Children will love being able to play on this hoop and we feel that it is a great selection for recreational use.  All of Spalding’s basketball hoops provide a sleek look and durable feel, and the Spalding 48 inch portable basketball hoop is no exception.

Nick Daniels

Nick is has been a student of the game of basketball most of his life. He loves writing about all things hoops and basketball gear.