Lifetime 90040 Portable Basketball System Review

lifetime 90040

Best Basketball Hoops Rating

Lifetime 90040 Portable Basketball System:   7.0/10

Main Features

  • Standard steel rim with all weather net
  • A support base that can hold up to 27 gallons of either water or sand
  • Uses a telescoping height adjustment system that allows the hoop to have an adjustable height range of 7.5 feet to 10 feet in six inch increments
  • Three piece support pole design
  • Portable basketball system allows for easy transportation
  • 44 inch backboard made from polyethylene plastic
  • Support pole is powder coated to help fight against rust build up

The Lifetime 90040 Features a Telescoping Height Adjustment System

One of the great things about the basketball hoop market is that there is a large variety of hoop sizes and prices so that almost anyone who wants a basketball system for their home can afford to make it happen.  For those who are very serious about the game and are willing to drop a couple thousand dollars they can have a great pro quality hoop.  However, if you are like many families and are looking for a solid hoop for your home that will give your kids the opportunity to learn about the game of basketball and have fun then the Lifetime 90040 Portable Basketball System would make a great fit.

At the time of this writing the hoop cost $119 on Amazon, making the 90040 one of the most affordable full size basketball hoops out there.  For such a reasonable price the hoop comes with some nice features.  The 61iSdFs1I5L._SL1500_Lifetime 90040 Portable Basketball System has a telescoping support pole design that allows for easy height adjustment.  While we prefer some of the more advanced crank adjustment systems, the telescoping system will work just fine and gives owners the ability to adjust the height of the hoop in increments of 6 inches.  The plastic backboard featured on this hoop coupled with smaller than average support brackets cause this hoop to have significant vibration, especially on bank shots and layups.  Not surprisingly, there is a noticeable difference between the performance of this hoop and those found in your local gym.  The rim is made of a quality steel material.  However, if you are looking to dunk on your system the Lifetime 90040 is not a good choice as the rim does not have any breakaway springs.

What We Like About This Hoop

  • The price of the Lifetime 90040 Basketball Hoop is tough to beat and makes it a great value buy
  • We are happy to see that the support pole is powder coated to prevent rust extending life of the basketball system
  • A great choice for growing families who are looking for a recreational hoop for their driveway
  • While the hoop is on the low end in terms of price, it still offers the ability to adjust the height of the hoop so that youngsters can get their feet wet and learn the game of basketball

What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • The plastic backboard vibrates significantly during bank shots which causes the ball to come off “dead”
  • No spring support for the rim means that this hoop is not a good choice for those who are set on dunking
  • Telescoping height adjustment does not allow for infinite adjustments as is the case with more expensive units

For any dads out there who want to teach their children about the basics of basketball like shooting, then the Lifetime 90040 Portable Basketball System is a fine selection.  It offers all the basics that you need to be able to have fun family games.  If you are willing to spend a bit more on your home hoop for some added features, then take a look the Lifetime 1529 and Spalding 48 Inch Basketball Systems, which are a step up in quality and price.



Nick Daniels

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