Lifetime 1558 Basketball System Review

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Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System:     7.2/10

Main Features

  • 52 Inch backboard made of Makrolon polycarbonate which is super durable and strong
  • Support system features a powder coated rust resistant finish that will help the hoop last for years
  • The Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System has a 35 gallon base that can be filled with sand or water
  • Comes in at around $250 making the Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball Hoop a very affordable system
  • Manufactured in the USA and comes with a five year warranty

With the seemingly countless number of basketball hoops available for sale today it can be difficult to sift through the choices to find what will work for you.  The Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System is a hoop that will likely meet the needs of those hoopers who want a low priced system that can take a beating and keep on ticking.  If you have kids or live in a tough weather environment, then the Lifetime 1558 Basketball System may make a lot of sense to pick up.

The reason we suggest this hoop for these situations is primarily due to the backboard of this Lifetime hoop.  Coming in at 52 inches it is a decent size considering how affordable the Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System is.  But the Makrolon polycarbonate material that the backboard is made of really makes it suitable for rough treatment.  Polycarbonate is nearly unbreakable so even if this hoop is mistreated with rim hanging and tipping due to bad weather it should hold up.  Realize however that polycarbonate backboards are not nearly as responsive as acrylic and tempered glass backboards and will not have great performance.

On more affordable hoops like the Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System an area that manufactures seem to cut corners on is the base size.  The Lifetime 1558 is no exception to this as it has a 35 gallon base.  While this will certainly keep it upright under normal playing conditions it can still be tipped if you hang on the center of the rim and in inclement weather.  Due to this we would recommend adding a couple cinder blocks and place them on top of the base to weight the basketball hoop down more.  If you want a portable basketball system with a larger base check out the Spalding 54 Inch Portable Basketball System which features a 40 gallon base.

Having double compression springs on the Lifetime 1558’s Slam-It rim is a plus.  This will allow the hoop to take mild to moderate dunking without putting too much pressure on the backboard and support system.  On the downside the springs on the rim are uncovered and thus exposed to the outdoor elements.  Often these springs are the quickest part of portable basketball hoops to rust.  If you purchase the Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System be sure to put a little effort into keeping these springs dry.

A great thing about many Lifetime Basketball Hoops is that they often have an easy mechanism to adjust the height of the hoop.  The Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System is no exception to this with its action grip height adjustment mechanism.  With a simple squeeze of the hand the height of the hoop can be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.  We would say that overall Lifetime makes the best hoops for kids to learn the game of basketball.

What We Like About This Hoop

  • The Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball Hoop is very easy to transport which makes it a good choice for families who move often
  • We like the powder coated finish on the support system that will help to keep the Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System from rusting over time
  • For the price the 35 gallon base is a decent size
  • One of the few low priced hoops that has padding on the bottom of the backboard
  • The action grip height adjustment mechanism is easy to utilize and great for making the hoop kid friendly
  • 5 year limited warranty will help to make you feel even more confident when purchasing this basketball system

What Would Make This Hoop Better

  • While 35 gallons is usable we would still prefer to see the base size be increased to 40 gallons
  • The three piece support pole system shakes more during use than we would like.  If you want a more stable hoop look for basketball systems with two or one piece support pole designs
  • The Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball System has a more upright design which may make it more susceptible to tipping

This hoop comes in a great price point of about $250 and will be best used in a home with kids on a limited budget.  It will certainly do the job in terms of allowing players to work on their games and their shot, however, do not expect a professional hoop experience with the Lifetime 1558 Portable Basketball Hoop.  The system will shake when shots hit the rim and backboard.  For those wanting to go a step up on their basketball hoop please check out our reviews for the Lifetime 71522 Portable Basketball System and the Spalding 54 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop.  These are a bit more expensive but may have some better features that you are looking for.


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