3 Ways to Improve Your Rebounding

While points is the most overrated statistic in basketball, rebounding is one of the most underrated.  Having a beast on the boards allows teams to minimize second and third scoring opportunities for opponents, and allow your team to get more possessions.  Rebounding on the surface appears to be a simple activity, jump up and grab the ball!  But the truth is that rebounding takes a lot of strength, skill, and intelligence.  Here are three great ways to improve your rebounding.

1. Predict Where the Ball Is Going

rodman-reboundWhen a shot is missed where it will land depends on where it hits the rim.  For example, if an opponent misses a shot taken on the right side of the court, the rebound is more likely to fall somewhere on the left side than the right side.  The best rebounders understand this principle and will position themselves where they think the rebound will go based on how the shot looks while it is in mid-air.

While this skill may seem simple it is very difficult to master.  But if you can master it you will find yourself in position for many rebounds.  To see this in action make sure to see some old rebounding clips from Dennis Rodman.  The Worm was the absolute best at predicting where the ball was going to go off the rim.

2. Learn to Box Out

boxing-out-300x244Ah, the fundamentals; often overlooked but they should never be forgotten.  If you find yourself at a high school basketball game there is always at least one parent, fan, or coach who seems to be yelling to his team to “box out” on every rebound.  Well, maybe they are on to something.  Boxing out simply keeps your opponent from being able to get the basketball on misses.  To box out, simply get in a defensive stance with your back facing the player you are going to box out.  Next, push them out from the hoop by using your lower body to push them away from the hoop.

3. Build Lower Body Strength

To box out properly and keep your opponent from beating you to the ball, it is important to build lower body strength.  Weaker players may have the technique to box out but struggle to keep their opponent behind them during the box out.  Building your lower body strength will help in other areas of basketball as well.  A few workouts that are good to build lower body strength include squats, lunges, and jump rope.  Put together a basketball ready body and your rebounding success will follow.

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Nick Daniels

Nick is has been a student of the game of basketball most of his life. He loves writing about all things hoops and basketball gear.