Best Portable Basketball System On The Market in 2019

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As basketball has become more popular many families have decided to invest in a basketball hoop for the home.  In the past most of these hoops were in ground or wall-mounted systems that were very stable and effective but not really portable.  More recently portable basketball systems have hit the market and revolutionized the at home basketball unit.  Now you are able to move your basketball hoop easily when your family moves, or when you find a better place to play basketball.  What we have decided to do to make finding the best portable basketball system easier is to list a large number of portable basketball hoops that range in price and features so that you are able to select the best portable basketball system for your home and wallet.


Spalding “The Beast” Portable Basketball Hoop – 60″ Glass Backboard


The Spalding Beast Portable Basketball Hoop is the best portable system according to us here at  This hoop is a massive system and is the closest you can get to an arena quality hoop in a portable basketball hoop.  While expensive, the features and quality components of the Beast make it worth every penny.

BestBasketballHoops Rating: 9.0/10

spalding beast

Main Features

-Residential portable basketball system adjusts from 7.5-Feet to 10-Feet
-Gray inset cover acts as a handle for pre-play movement and a re-bounder during play
-Two-piece, 5-Inch square angled pole system with screw in water level gauge base cap
-60-Inch glass backboard, Pro Image breakaway basketball rim, all-weather white net
-50+ Gallon capacity dual capacity base fills with water or sand for stability




Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop


You won’t find a more innovative portable basketball system than the Silverback NXT.  Not only does the Infinity Backboard look sleek but it also uses a technique called flanging to make it stronger than other acrylic backboards.  When you consider the ErgoMove and the unique design components that enhance stability found on the Silverback NXT, it adds up to one of the most unique portable hoops on the market.

BestBasketballHoops Rating: 8.8/10

Main Features

-Comes in both 50 and 54 inch backboard versions
-Has a unique infinity backboard design that uses flanging to make backboard more durable
-Height adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet in six inch increments
-ErgoMove system makes transporting the Silverback NXT easier than other portable basketball hoops
-Has additional stability due to frame that is under the fill base that has two metal poles




Spalding Hybrid Portable Basketball System


Spalding has improved there portable basketball systems through their Spalding Hybrid Portable Basketball System.  With this portable basketball hoop the fill base is a hybrid setup that is filled with up to 200 pounds of sand and up to 19 gallons of water offering maximum stability.  The Spalding Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop also gets high marks for the quality of the backboard and rim, which offer high quality performance.  Reviews from buyers of this hoop have been overwhelmingly positive.

BestBasketballHoops Rating: 9.0/10

Main Features

-Hybrid fill base system that holds up to 200 pounds of sand and 19 gallons of water for ultimate stability
-An arena style rim with covered springs to protect the rim components from the elements
-Height adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet in infinite increments
-Comes with backboard padding as well as a rebounder that covers the fill base
-Has a 16 inch backboard to fill base offset offering some space for under the basket play




Spalding Portable Basketball System – 60″ Backboard


A solid middle priced portable basketball hoop great for families with players who are serious about the game.  The 40 gallon fill base is large enough to make this hoop feel sturdy and minimize any chance of tipping.  The height adjustment and backboard support are strengths for the Spalding 60 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop.  For us, the only thing holding this hoop back is the fact that we feel the Spalding Hybrid is a superior hoop for a similar price.

BestBasketballHoops Rating: 8.5/10

spalding 54 61

Main Features

-Portable basketball system with 60-inch acrylic backboard
-Heavy-duty steel frame; Arena Slam breakaway rim
-Screw Jack lift system adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet in infinite increments
-3-piece, 3.5-inch round steel pole; front cover acts as rebounder
-40-gallon base fills with sand or water for stability
-Padding on the bottom of the backboard offers light-duty protection




Lifetime 51544 Portable Basketball System


Rounding out our top five portable basketball hoops list is the Lifetime 51544 Portable Basketball System.  This is the best low-cost (<$200) portable hoop that money can buy.  At this price the Lifetime 51544 has a lot of quality features.  The 34 gallon base is larger than almost any other portable basketball system at this price point.  We also like that there is padding on both the bottom of the backboard and the support pole.  The backboard is not great, but this should be expected for a low cost hoop.

BestBasketballHoops Rating: 7.0/10

Main Features

-50 inch polycarbonate backboard with light-duty padding aligning the bottom
-Height adjustment mechanism allows hoop to be adjusted from 8 feet to 10 feet in 6 inch increments
-Support pole is 3 inches in diameter and covered in light-duty padding
-Fill base can hold up to 34 gallons of water
-Spring loaded recreation class rim
-Our top rated low-cost portable basketball hoop




Other Portable Hoops We Recommend

Lifetime 71566 XL Portable Basketball System with 50-Inch Shatter Guard Backboard

BestBasketballHoops Rating: 8.0/10

lifetime 71566

Main Features

-Portable basketball system with sturdy polyethylene base and bottom wheels
-50-inch shatter-proof polycarbonate backboard with fade-resistant graphics
-3-piece, 3.5-inch Round Action Grip pole adjusts from 7.5 feet to 10 feet
-Solid-steel Slam-It Rim with double-compression springs and welded net hooks
All-weather nylon net; base fills with water or sand; 5-year warranty




Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System with 54″ Acrylic Backboard


The Spalding Pro Slam has been around for several years and is the best low priced portable Spalding hoop.  There are not many basketball hoops at the Pro Slam’s price point that come with an acrylic backboard rather than an inferior polycarbonate material.

BestBasketballHoops Rating: 8.8/10

spalding pr slam

Main Features

-Backboard with steel frame and board pad
-Silver pole with heavy duty pole pad
-37.5-Gallon Hercules base fills with water or sand for stability
-The best low cost Spalding basketball hoop on the market






First Team Fury III Portable Basketball Hoop with 54 Inch Acrylic Backboard Color: Royal Blue


First Team specializes in top of the line portable basketball systems.  These hoops really do offer arena style quality components and performance.  On the downside you will pay for this performance as First Team hoops are quite expensive.

BestBasketballHoops Rating: 8.5/10


Main Features

-54in x 36in x 1/2in Acrylic basketball backboard
-Heavy Duty Flex Breakaway Basketball Rim
-Simple Hand crank adjusts basketball rim height from 6.5 to 10 feet
-Pole to Backboard Extension distance is 48in
-Fury basketball system safety padding covers front of base unit





Spalding 68564 Portable Basketball System

BestBasketballHoops Rating: 8.5/10

spalding 68564

Main Features

-Portable basketball system with 54-inch acrylic backboard
-Heavy-duty steel frame; Arena Slam breakaway rim
-Screw Jack lift system adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet in infinite increments
-3-piece, 3.5-inch round steel pole; front cover acts as rebounder
-40-gallon base fills with sand or water for stability





Spalding Portable Basketball System – 54″ Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard


This Spalding basketball system has a more upright profile compared to other portable systems.  This combined with the heavier tempered glass backboard gives us some concern about the potential for tipping during dunking and in high wind environments.  Otherwise, we love that this hoop has a tempered glass backboard as they perform significantly better than acrylic and polycarbonate alternatives.

BestBasketballHoops Rating: 8.5/10

spalding 54

Main Features

-Portable basketball system with 40-gallon capacity base for water or sand
-Tempered glass backboard, measures 54 inches wide (0.25-inches thick)
-Heavy duty solid steel Arena Slam breakaway rim
-Three-piece, four-inch square pole with 4-strut mount for increased support
-Screw Jack adjustable height system moves the basket from 7.5 to 10 feet high

Best Basketball Hoops Key

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  • Picture of each basketball hoop listed
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  • Features
  • Price- Approximated from Amazon
  • Rating- Average Amazon rating

Since these portable systems have been put out into the market they have become better and more stable.  Older and cheaper units tend to have more instability in their backboards and foundation.  They also tend to wear out faster.  However, most modern high quality portable basketball systems have professional level materials and can support just about any type of abuse one can muster.  Because of this we think it is important to select your portable basketball system wisely with both price and quality in mind.  The cheaper units that we list will meet the needs of most recreational players.  They will often have a spring rim with a shatterproof backboard.  However, if you are looking for a type of hoop for the true baller, then the more expensive options may be appropriate.  These high end portable units feature professional grade breakaway rims with glass backboards that can take the most severe punishment.

To become a skilled basketball player it is critical to grow up playing the game.  Having the best portable basketball system ensures that you have a place to play anytime, any day.  While in ground systems are the most stable, when it comes to versatility, portable basketball hoops are the absolute best option.